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925 Sterling Silver Ring 

Main Stone Size: 0.3 cm X 0.3 cm 

High Quality Zopius Lab Created Diamond 

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Round Cut Solid 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Band Eternity Stacking Rose Gold Color Ring Jewelry Round Cut

  • Ring Size Available : US Size 5, 6, 7, 8  

    Ring Width : 3 mm

    Main Stone Size : 0.3 cm x 0.3 cm

    Main Stone Color : Clear White

    Main Stone Shape : Round Cut

    Metal : Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver

    Plating : Rose Gold Color 

    Hallmark : 925

    Finish : High Polished

    Nickel Free Lead Free

    Guarantee High Quality

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    What is Zopius Diamond?


    Our lab made hybrid diamond is absolutely and completely as brilliant as natural mined diamonds. Each piece of lab diamond is made of layers of diamond like carbons under extreme high temperatures and pressured together. This is how a piece of diamond grows under the natural environment.  The degree of brightness, shininess and clarity of the lab diamond is, to a certain extent, compatible with the best diamonds grown under the nature environment. Our diamonds look much better than mined diamonds because they have excellent cut, color and clarity.


    Our lab-created diamonds have a hardness around 8.6 - 9.0 Mohs. A natural diamond measure the maximum hardness is 10 Mohs. Our lab Diamonds Hardness are close to sapphire and ruby. While being very hard, our stones still demand the same respect you would give their natural inspirations. Keep them clean and do not scratch the stones. So they will last a lifetime.